MISSION STATEMENT:  To replicate residential kitchens inside caravans. Bringing together innovative design, quality and functionality that all caravan users will desire...

Over a 30-year history, TAGBOR has built long lasting relationships by providing customers with a level of workmanship hard to find anywhere else. The business invests in state of the art technology to provide customers with the latest in modern and traditional cabinetry selection, coupled with the type of customer service that one would only hope for.

TAGBOR’s attention to quality and workmanship has always been the number one focus, enabling TAGBOR to offer its well-known Lifetime Warranty. The team at TAGBOR is proud of the quality of its workmanship and technology driven design, allowing the business to offer a Full Lifetime Warranty. We build products that last a lifetime, and back that up with a Warranty you can trust. Unlike most of our competitors, the TAGBOR Lifetime Warranty covers parts such as drawer runners and hinges and also includes any labour expenses.

Our customers have peace of mind, knowing that we use the finest Materials & Hardware to produce the very best job possible each and every time. It costs us less in the long run, to do the job right the first time. Resulting in a happy customer, great products and a team you’re proud to work along side with.

Call us today to discuss how we can re-shape, modernise and keep you caravans moving with current trends. Don’t allow yourself to get left behind. (03) 9466 2201